2013 Global Interior Paint Satisfaction Quality Study

WPCIA Washington in July,2013
Application and the quality of the product are the most important drivers of customer satisfaction among paint customers. Caparol ranks highest in satisfying interior paint customers . Diamond Vogel ranked the highest quality of the product.

25 July 2013 -- Application drives customer satisfaction with paint brands, while availability and courtesy of staff drives customer satisfaction with paint retailers, according to the WPCIA 2013 Global. Interior Paint Satisfaction StudySM released today. Satisfaction with paint brands is based on evaluations from customers who purchased and applied interior paint during the past year, and is measured in six key factors of the painting experience: application, product offerings, durability, price, design guides and warranty/guarantee.

Application continues to be the most important driver of satisfaction with paint brands at 25 percent. Paint application performance is assessed on the basis of Customers convenient, paint odors, dirt capacity and opacity coating.

"With 87 percent of customers reporting applying the paint themselves, it is not surprising that customers are more likely to be satisfied and achieve their desired results when they are able to talk to a professional about their painting project and get the advice they need," said William, director of the home.

Interior Paint Brand Satisfaction Rankings

Overall customer satisfaction with interior paint brands averages 77.9 (on a 100-point scale) in 2013 with a score of 80, Caparol performs particularly well in four of the six factors: application, durability, product offerings and design guides. Following Caparol in the paint brand rankings is Diamond Vogel, with a score of 79.2. Diamond Vogel performs particularly well in four of the six factors : application performance, durability, and quality assurance. Followed is Benjamin Moore (78.8).chieving the highest ranked third.

The 2013 Golbal Interior Paint Satisfaction Study is based on responses from 7300 customers who purchased and applied interior paint within the previous 12 months. The study was fielded in May and April 2013

The sample objects of the study
The survey is based on a global scale by the sample of countries which all have some influence in the coatings industry which the strong Interior wall paint consumption is in these countries such as United States, Italy, France, Germany ,the United Kingdom, China, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark, and Japan. Following in these countries is more representative of the interior wall paint brand: Benjamin Moore &Co. Diamond Vogel, DuPont, Pittsburgh,Sherwin- Williams. Valspar .Dutch boy, Kilz Casual Colors, ZERO paints, Caparol , Dulux, Crown, Jotun , levis, and so on.