World's Top ten Paints Companies 2012 Annual Report

Published WPCIA Washington Jan 05,2013:
One of the key factors of the paint market growth is the rapid development of the global construction industry. The new environmentally friendly paint will be the development of a new trend in the global paints and coatings market. However, due to the lack of effective production technology and product quality management to and bring differentiation will face a new challenge, but the global paint coating amount increased by 10% in 2012, still, paint prices reached about 4.5%, mainly due to inadequate supply and rising prices of raw materials (titanium dioxide, acrylic resin, etc.), the global paint consumption, total sales of $ 120 billion, an output of 39.82 million tons, which reflects the prices of raw materials continue to rise, and coatings market The demand is also growing.

The paint and coatings industry largely depends on the purpose of the market, such as the need to meet the key industrial sectors are construction, steel, marine, automotive and wooden furniture. The emerging markets are showing growth potential of the huge architectural paints and industrial coatings. The growing demand to promote green-based chemicals, such as zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) paints, solvent-based products based on the replacement of water-based products. Paint manufacturers are focusing on cutting-edge innovations to meet the requirements of consumers and regulators. Key vendors dominating this space include PPG Industries,Diamond Company,and AkzoNobel.

The Asia-Pacific region is still the world's largest paint consumption ranked first in a yield of 42% in 2012. Asia, China accounted for more than half of consumption, and the slowdown in the rapid expansion of the past. At present, India is about 15% of the trading volume of the region, and continue to increase its market share. Europe is the second largest market, accounting for 27% of global volume. North America is a global coatings exports accounted fifth, mature growth prospects. South America and Central America for 8% of global demand in 2012, the region's slowdown, but growth is expected to moderate in the future.


1. AKZONOBEL (N.L.)  $ 18.29 billion

2. PPG Industries (U.S.) $ 14.83 billion

3. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS (U.S.) $ 7.94 billion

4. DUPONT (U.S.) $ 5.35 billion

5. BASF (D.E.) $ 4.99 billion

6. RPM Inc (U.S.) $ 4.08 billion

7. DIAMOND Paint (U.S.) $ 3.73 billion

8. VALSPAR (U.S.) $ 3.57 billion

9.SACAL (U.K.) $ 3.35 billion

10. NIPPON Paint (J.P.) $ 2.98 billion



Company Profile:
AkzoNobel is the largest global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals. AkzoNobel supply industries and consumers worldwide with innovative products and are passionate about developing sustainable answers for our customers. AkzoNobel portfolio includes well known brands such as Dulux, Sikkens, International and Eka. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, AkzoNobel are a Global Fortune 500 company and are consistently ranked as one of the leaders on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. With operations in more than 80 countries, AkzoNobel 55,000 people around the world are committed to excellence and delivering Tomorrow’s Answers Today.
Netherlands, Amsterdam
PO Box 9300
Tel: +31 20 502 7555
Fax: +31 20 502 7666

The main information 2012:
Coatings sales: $ 18.29 billion
Number of employees: 55,000
Coatings Sales: 1.984 billion liters
Geographic Sales: Europe 32%,Americas 31%,Asia Pacific 33%,in other regions 4%

Board member:
Hans Wijers: Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Management
Keith Nichols: Chief Financial Officer
Leif Darner: Board member responsible for Performance Coatings
Tex Gunning: Board member responsible for Decorative Paints
Rob Frohn: Board member responsible for Specialty Chemicals

Focus on the development:
- first is still European area decoration paint business development.
- further consolidate in global powder coating market leadership position.
- enlarges to the Chinese market input and market share growth.

Market Positioning:
Top 3 in Europe: decorative paint, repair paint, powder coating
The world's best-selling paint: powder coatings, wood coatings, coil coatings, marine protective coatings, aerospace coatings.
European markets selling paint: decorative coating
Asia-Pacific market and the North American market selling coatings: decorative paints, wood coatings

This year, the global economy, especially slowing economic growth in Europe, generated sales of the Akzo Nobel adverse impact. Therefore, the company will implement additional restructuring plans to further reduce the cost impact of the most serious. The lineup of the company's business, with highly complementary, in a leadership position in many areas of the market, and strong in high-growth markets business. The long-term development of confidence of the business, but remained cautious about the short-term development of the market.

AkzoNobel and Brazil has the legendary Maracana stadium (Maracana) signed an agreement to provide stadium for top coating. In 2014, a global attention to the football here time will be staged. Akzo Nobel professional team success signing this agreement, the team designed for global large infrastructure project provides a complete set of coating solution. "Brazil is one of our important high-growth markets, occupies a pivotal position in the global strategic view of Brazil in the next few years will become the focus of world attention at sporting events, AkzoNobel will go all out to seize these opportunities . "

“AkzoNobel in all business areas and strive to provide sustainable innovative products for our customers. Extract from today's trend, we are committed to the innovation of tomorrow, to meet customer demand. Therefore, we want to be able to like China strategic market for future scientific elite, and we reflect together on and face the challenge of 'Tomorrow's Answers.” Our company Future promise: The idea that paint is just something to slap on a wall to add some color may soon be rather passé – AkzoNobel’s coatings scientists are hard at work exploring the potential of paints that will extend their functionality far beyond their traditional decorative and protective functions.



Company Profile:
specialty products company. Founded in 1883, the company serves customers in industrial, transportation, consumer products, and construction markets and aftermarkets. With headquarters in Pittsburgh, PPG operates in more than 60 countries around the globe.
United States, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15272
Phone: +1 412 434 3131
Fax: +1 412 434 2125

The main information 2012:
Coatings sales: $ 14.83 billion
Number of employees: 40,600
Coatings Sales: 1.736 billion liters
Geographic Sales: Europe 21%, 60% of the Americas, Asia Pacific 12%, in other regions 7%

Board Members:
Charles E. Bunch: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
J. Rich Alexander: Executive Vice President Performance Coatings
Pierre-Marie De Leener: Executive Vice President, Architectural Coatings - EMEA, and President, PPG Europe
Glenn E. Bost II: Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Robert J. Dellinger: Senior Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Focus on the development:
- Major expansion of emerging markets in Asia Pacific high-performance coatings and architectural coatings
- Ensure high performance coatings, including automotive paints, industrial coatings, including marine protection and aerospace coatings market in Europe and North America, steady growth.

Market Positioning:
Europe: automotive coatings and other industrial coatings
North America: automotive coatings, aerospace coatings and architectural coatings..
Asia-Pacific market: architectural coatings, industrial coatings and automotive coatings.

PPG is a global producer of chemicals that are essential building blocks for countless products that the world depends upon each and every day.
PPG, continuing its leadership in waterborne technology, has launched two new waterborne primer surfacers, Envirobase® High Performance EPW115 Waterborne Speed Prime and Aquabase® Plus P950-5505 Waterborne Primer Surfacer。 The low-VOC products are intended for use with PPG’s popular Envirobase High Performance and Nexa Autocolor™ Aquabase Plus waterborne product lines and will become essential elements in PPG’s waterborne refinish systems for collision repair centers across North America.

“Our new waterborne primer surfacers offer an alternative to traditional 2K surfacers and are high-quality, durable products that demonstrate PPG’s ongoing commitment to meet the needs of any progressive repair center,”waterborne segment manager. “These new waterborne primer surfacers will have an immediate impact on shop productivity by reducing cycle time. They also provide superb corrosion resistance and offer excellent adhesion performance. We believe customers will find these primer surfacers to be an excellent enhancement to their repair process.”Both products offer direct-to-metal performance and may be applied over properly prepared substrates including cold rolled steel, aluminum and galvanized metals, plastic, E-coat, OEM or previously repaired refinish paints. Each air dries quickly and is ready to sand in just 30 minutes. In addition the fast air dry properties will reduce energy costs.

PPG Industries, Inc. recently announced that it has purchased part of the assets of the Prius (Spraylat) issue to reach a final agreement. The Prius is a private industrial coatings company, headquartered in Pelham City, New York, USA. The transaction is expected to be completed in the second half of 2012. "The acquisition Prius helps promote the PPG is committed to maintaining the implementation of the strategy of the leading suppliers of industrial coatings.

With continuous improvement as a core value, the company is focused on capturing and proactively using data to promote stewardship and conservation. PPG regularly updates its management practices to meet increasingly strict regulations.



Company Profile:
XuanWei William company was established in 1866, is a for industrial, commercial and retail customers professional production, development, sales of paint and related products of the global leader. The company's production of famous brand such as Sherwin - Williams ®, Dutch Boy ®, Krylon ®, Minwax ®, Thompson 's ®, Water Seal ®, etc. Global headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, United States city, XuanWei William brand products only by more than 3500 companies operating stores and chain store sales, at the same time the company of other brand is through the leading large stores, home center, independent paint distributor, hardware stores, car retailers, distributors and industrial dealer sales. XuanWei William global surface treatment group's products are sold to all over the world more than 70 countries.
United States, Cleveland, Ohio
Tel: +1 800 4743794
Fax: +1 800 4343131

The main information 2012:
Coatings sales: $ 7.94 billion
Number of employees: 31200
Coatings Sales: 0.86 billion liters
Geographic Sales: Europe 25%, Americas 21%,Asia Pacific 48%,in other regions 6%

Board Members:
Christopher M. Connor:Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
John G. Morikis: President and Chief Operating Officer
Sean P. Hennessy: Senior Vice President - Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Arthur F. Anton: President and Chief Executive Officer Swagelok Company
Richard K. Smucker: Executive Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer The J. M. Smucker Company

Focus on the development:
- Key emerging markets in the Asia Pacific region continued to grow sales of architectural coatings
- Car paint, industrial coatings in Europe and North America increased steadily.

Market Positioning:
Europe: Automotive Coatings
North America: automotive coatings, architectural coatings
Asia-Pacific market: architectural coatings

Sherwin-Williams, announces the launch of satin sheen powder coatings in RAL colors. The new program joins the company’s comprehensive family of Powdura® powder coatings. Our company now offers 188 RAL colors available in both satin and high gloss finishes, all with Super Durable TGIC-Free Polyester Technology. Adding the satin sheen to our offering of RAL colors in Super Durable TGIC-free powder is a great win for finishers, It further expands our line of standard powder coating options, and increases the available finishes for the metal building products, general finishes and heavy equipment markets.

Our is breaking new ground with the introduction of Emerald™ Interior and Exterior paints and ColorCast Ecotoner® colorants – for best-in-class overall performance and sustainability. Both Emerald paints and ColorCast Ecotoner colorants are zero VOC. Emerald Interior and Exterior paints offer exceptional durability and hiding,Is a high quality product.

Sherwin-Williams has always been at the forefront of innovation. These products feature revolutionary quality and industry-leading environmental responsibility, We have created a new paint line and colorant system that stands in a class of its own.

Cleveland, OHio – The U.S. Government’s Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) has selected The Sherwin-Williams Product Finishes Division to lead a $1.4 million research and development project to develop a Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) Powder Topcoat for use on military vehicles and support equipment. SERDP is a Department of Defense (DoD) environmental research program with the mission of harnessing the latest science and technology to improve DoD’s environmental performance, reduce costs and enhance and sustain mission capabilities.

Sherwin-Williams Product Finishes Division is a global industrial coatings leader delivering unparalleled local support to OEMs and tier suppliers with innovative liquid and powder technologies, dedicated service and the full complement of finishing equipment and supplies. The division provides an extensive range of coatings solutions for wood, metal, and plastic as well as on-site technical assistance, customized color and design services, and available process improvement expertise. With an infrastructure spanning six continents, Sherwin-Williams makes global solutions local to help manufacturers and finishers make their products better.

These are Sherwin - Williams has laid a solid foundation and look forward to a bright future in 2013.



Company Profile:
Founded in 1802, DuPont puts science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere. Operating in approximately 90 countries, DuPont offers a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including agriculture, nutrition, electronics, communications, safety and protection, home and construction, transportation and apparel.
Wilmington United States
PO Box 80021,
Tel: +1 302 774 1000
Fax: +1 302 892 5615

The main information 2012:
Coatings Sales: $5.35 billion
Number of employees: 60,500
Coatings Sales: 1.286billion liters
Geographic Sales: Europe、Middle East、Africa 22%,North America 28%,Asia Pacific 36%,Latin America 14%

Board Members:
Ellen J. Kullman:Chair of the Board & Chief Executive Officer
Samuel W. Bodman:Former United States Secretary of Energy
Robert A. Brown:President of Boston University
Curtis J. Crawford:President and Chief Executive Officer of XCEO, Inc.
Alexander M. Cutler:Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Eaton Corporation
Marillyn Hewson:Executive Vice President, Electronic Systems – Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Focus on the development:
- Mainly in the Asia-Pacific region and emerging markets in Latin America automotive coatings sales, market share growth.
- Automotive coatings, high performance coatings in the steady growth of the market in Europe and North America

Market Positioning:
Europe: Automotive Coatings
North America: automotive coatings, architectural coatings
Asia-Pacific market: architectural coatings

August 30, 2012–Global alternative asset manager The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ: CG) and DuPont (NYSE: DD) today announced that they have signed a definitive agreement whereby Carlyle will purchase DuPont Performance Coatings (DPC) for $4.9 billion in cash. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter 2013, subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals. DPC is a global supplier of vehicle and industrial coating systems with 2012 expected sales of more than $4 billion and more than 11,000 employees. The investment will be funded with equity from Carlyle Partners V and Carlyle Europe Partners III.

Sept. 20, 2012– DuPont Performance Polymers and Chenguang Chemical Research Institute, a subsidiary owned by China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina), announced at the ChemChina Beijing office that they have signed definitive agreements to form a 50/50 joint venture for the production and marketing of fluoroelastomer gums and precompounds in China. The joint venture, which will include a new state-of-the-art precompounding plant to be constructed in Shanghai, is expected to be operational in the first half of 2013, pending appropriate government approvals. Groundbreaking for the new precompounding plant also will commence during that period.

Oct19, 2012–As the leading supplier of materials to the solar industry, DuPont could choose anyone to integrate solar energy into their own facilities,We are proud DuPont consistently relies on Tangent to meet their rigorous safety, operational and economic standards and we look forward to working together on future installations. DuPont is expanding its use of solar energy with the completion of a new 8-acre, 1.3 megawatt (MW) solar array at its Parlin. This brings the total solar energy generated from the 10 existing DuPont solar installations to more than 3 MW, helping further the company’s aim to reduce global dependence on fossil fuels.

The company's guiding principles are: to promote the company's core values of safety and health, environmental management, respect for people and the ethical behavior, we must take action to address social challenges and the elasticity of the market demand, the history of the long-term sustainable development, we will continue to future.



Company Profile:
BASF is the world’s leading chemical company: The Chemical Company. Its portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance products and agricultural products to oil and gas. As a reliable partner BASF creates chemistry to help its customers in virtually all industries to be more successful. With its high-value products and intelligent solutions, BASF plays an important role in finding answers to global challenges such as climate protection, energy efficiency, nutrition and mobility. BASF posted sales of about 110,000 employees, six Verbund sites and close to 385 production sites worldwide we serve customers and partners in almost all countries of the world.
Ludwigshafen, Germany
PO Box:  61309
Phone: +49 0 621 60-0
Fax: +49 0 621 60-42525

The main information 2012:
Coatings Sales: $ 4.99 billion
Number of employees: 110,000
Coatings Sales: 0.962 billion liters
Geographic Sales: Europe、Middle East、Africa 42%,Americas 30%,Asia Pacific 28%

Board Members:
Kurt Bock:Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors
Dr. Hans Engel:Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Beate Ehle:Executive Vice President, BASF Corporation and President
Fried-Walter Münstermann:Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Frank A. Bozich:President, Global Catalysts Division
David Stryker:Senior Vice President and General Counsel.

Focus on the development:
- Increase in the Asia Pacific region and Latin America, investment in emerging markets and product distribution
- Strengthen the competitiveness of the market in Europe and North America.

Market Positioning:
Europe: Performance Coatings
North America: high-performance coatings, architectural coatings
Asia-Pacific market: architectural coatings

BASF is the world’s leading chemical company – we aim to strengthen this position. As company our purpose is „We create chemistry for a sustainable future“. Sustainable development means for us to combine economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection。Our sustainability management has three strategic responsibilities:Minimizing risks,Establishing strong relationships with our internal and external stakeholders,Take advantage of business opportunities

September 18, 2012 – In light of high overcapacities and low margins in some regions, BASF is focusing its global Styropor® (EPS: expandable polystyrene) activities on strategic markets and core products with better profitability.

October 12, 2012 – BASF and Ciech today announced the acquisition of parts of Ciech’s global TDI (toluene diisocyanate) business by BASF. The acquisition is subject to approval by the appropriate antitrust authorities. Closing of the transaction is expected in the first quarter of 2013. The agreement involves parts of Ciech’s worldwide TDI business. Production facility of Ciech’s subsidiary Zachem, Poland, is not part of the transaction. Ciech and BASF will cooperate closely to facilitate an effective transition of supply agreements and support services for Ciech’s TDI customers.

October 31, 2012 – BASF has developed a highly flexible one component membrane for waterproofing and concrete protection for the European market. Masterseal® 6100 FX is a lightweight, rapid-curing cementitious membrane used for internal and external applications as a waterproof lining for water retaining structures, to protect concrete surfaces from carbonation and chloride attacks. Its composition makes Masterseal 6100 FX the right membrane for areas constantly submerged in water and basements. It protects concrete surfaces from chlorides and carbonization. The new product enables less downtime due to its fast hardening.

November 6, 2012 – BASF plans to divest its subsidiary BASF Wall Systems GmbH & Co. KG, together with the Marktredwitz site BASF Wall Systems GmbH & Co. KG assembles individual components to create approved insulation and finishing systems. This involves purchasing most of the components such as the materials for the insulation layer of the system. Hence, BASF Wall Systems GmbH & Co. KG is not part of the insulating materials business of BASF. The system components that are produced by BASF Wall Systems GmbH & Co. KG itself include in particular adhesive mortar and renders.

November 6, 2012 – BASF is investing approximately €90 million in the first step to build a mobile emissions catalysts production facility in Środa Śląska, a Special Economic Zone near Wrocław, Poland. Construction of the new 40,000 square meter facility – BASF’s largest in Europe – will begin before the end of 2012. The plant will start production in the first quarter of 2014. Additional expansion will follow, raising the total investment volume for the project to approximately €150 million. Once all 10 planned light duty and heavy duty production lines are operating at full capacity by 2016, BASF expects to employ more than 400 people at the new site.


6.RPM Inc

Company Profile:
RPM International Inc. is a multinational holding company with subsidiaries that manufacture and market high-performance coatings, sealants and specialty chemicals, primarily for maintenance and improvement. Fiscal 2011 sales were $3.51 billion, with 67 percent to industry worldwide and the remaining 33 percent to consumers mainly in North America.Shares of the company's common stock are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol RPM and are owned by some 300 institutional investors and 82,000 individuals.
Medina, Ohio
PO Box: 44258 -0777
Tel: +1 330 2735090
Fax: +1 330 2258743

The main information 2012:
Coatings Sales: $ 4.08 billion
Number of employees: 12,000
Coatings Sales: 0.46 billion liters
Geographic Sales: Europe、Middle East、Africa 29%,North America 38%,Latin America 13%,Asia Pacific 20%

Board Members:
John P. Abizaid:Senior Partner JPA Partners LLC
Bruce Carbonari:President and CEO Fortune Brands Home and Hardware
David A. Daberko:Retired Chairman and CEO Fortune Brands Home and Hardware 
James A. Karman:Retired Vice Chairman RPM International Inc.
Donald K. Miller:Chairman Axiom International Investor LLC 
Frederick R. Nance:Regional Managing Partner of Squire, Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P. 
William A. Papenbrock:Retired Partner Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP 
Charles A. Ratner:President and CEO Forest City Enterprises 
Frank C. Sullivan:Chairman and CEO RPM International Inc 
Thomas C. Sullivan:Chairman Emeritus RPM International Inc 
William B. Summers:Retired Chairman and CEO McDonald Investments Inc. 
Jerry Sue Thornton:President Cuyahoga Community College  
Joseph P. Viviano:Retired Vice Chairman Hershey Foods

Focus on the development:
- Europe and North America continue to maintain the steady growth of the market
- Expansion in Asia Pacific and Latin America and other emerging market development, and achieved significant growth

Market Positioning:
Europe: Industrial Coatings
North America: industrial coatings, architectural coatings
Asia-Pacific and Latin America and other emerging markets: industrial coatings, architectural coatings

June 19, 2012RPM International Inc. has acquired Viapol Ltda. (Viapol), a leading Brazilian manufacturer and marketer of building materials and construction products. Based in Cacapava, Brazil, near Sao Paulo Viapol's products are brand leaders in the Brazilian market and include rolled asphalt roofing materials, waterproofing products, concrete admixtures, industrial epoxy flooring systems, structural recovery products, and retail paints, varnishes and stains. nearly 125 independent sales representatives and two ISO 9000 certified manufacturing facilities in Brazil.

Sept. 5, 2012 RPM International Inc. has acquired Kirker Inc., a leading manufacturer of nail care enamels, coatings components and related products for the personal care industry. Based in Paterson, New Jersey。Kirker will operate as a stand-alone company within our RPM2 business group and continue to provide its customers the same level of outstanding service and innovation to which they are accustomed. Through our many companies, RPM has among the broadest coatings technologies in the world, and Kirker will be able to access these technologies to bring even more innovation to the personal care industry.

Sept. 24, 2012 RPM International Inc. announced that its Rust-Oleum Group has acquired Synta Inc., a producer and marketer of innovative exterior wood deck and concrete restoration systems. Based in Clarkston, GA. Synta's unique Deck Restore and Concrete Restore brand products offer consumers the opportunity to extend the life of weathered outdoor wooden decks and concrete surfaces well beyond the performance of conventional stains, paints and sealers. They are widely available at leading nationwide home centers and other home improvement retailers. Additionally, Synta offers a line of arts and craft coatings under the Anita's brand, and a recently introduced line of specialty coatings under the MyColor by Pantone brand.

In the future days, we have the confidence can realize several years of business strategy, and in the future continue to guide the continuous growth of the RPM.



Company Profile:
Diamond Vogel Paints was established in 1926 as a manufacturer of barn paints and creamery maintenance enamels. It entered the liquid industrial coatings market in the 1950s and began to build a fleet of company stores selling architectural paints and heavy-duty maintenance coatings in the 1970s. Today, The company has 13 production sites worldwide, with more than 1,000 distribution centers. Share of architectural coatings company a leading position in North America.

1967, the diamond coatings (Diamond paint), paint Vogel (Vogel) merged. Diamond Vogel also produces industrial coatings are widely used in aerospace, airport maintenance, ships, shipping traffic and heavy maintenance coatings. For many years the world's top ten paint companies ranks. The company is an OEM applications for industrial liquid and powder coatings, architectural coatings for commercial and owners of heavy application of paint and protective coatings. Some of the latest product has been added to the diamond coating product family, including an outdoor swimming pool in Côte-rich chlorinated rubber paint, Folium DTM semi-gloss paint; aurora color interior paint & space saving and so on.
Des Moines, Iowa City
PO Box: 50309 -3723
Tel: 1-626-5132983
Fax: 1-626-3338885

The main information 2012
Coatings Sales: $ 3.73 billion
Number of employees: 10000
Coatings Sales:0.87 billion liters
Geographic Sales: Europe 43%,Americas 47%,Asia Pacific 10%

Board Members:
Drew Vogel: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Doug Vogel: Vice president and director of traffic and heavy-duty coatings
Mark Vogel: Vice President and Director, Industrial Coatings
Frank Drewk: Vice President and Director of Architectural Coatings

Focus on the development:
- Continue to maintain the stability of Europe and the Americas growth
- Increase in the Asia Pacific region and Latin America, efforts to expand in emerging markets, and achieve greater growth

Market Positioning:
Europe: heavy duty coatings, industrial coatings
North America: architectural coatings, industrial coatings, traffic paint
Emerging markets such as Asia Pacific and Latin America: architectural coatings, industrial coatings

U.S. building energy consumption, valued at up to 400 billion U.S. dollars annually. Diamond Coatings Group proposed an energy consumption reduction of the building than it is now up to 40% of building solutions. Through the efforts of our staff, put forward in terms of building construction and renovation efficient solutions, making them more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly and less costly building. Our goal is to provide energy-saving buildings around the world, environmental protection, saving a comprehensive solution. And launched a "super-silicon" Aurora & roof coatings and paint interior space and a series of energy saving and environmental protection products. Diamond coatings with silver-based antimicrobial the paint brand Aginon ® brand created by Sciessent the pioneering name, Peridium ® powder coating than traditional industrial powder coating powder coating production line cooperation projects for industrial Peridium ® bring a higher level of quality and stability.

The diamond paint is not only an innovative company, is a service-oriented and customer focused. Our products always solve the current and future market trends. Now more than ever to pay more attention to environmental issues, the development of environment-friendly paint is an industry. Nanocoatings are opening up new market opportunities in the global coatings arena. Properties such as corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, UV stability, gloss retention, and chemical and mechanical properties are improved significantly using nanomaterials. Anti-fingerprint, anti-bacterial, anti-fouling, easy-to-clean and self-cleaning nanocoatings offer enormous potential for new applications in various sectors. most notably in Asia-Pacific, this is the most large scale biggest coating market. Growing market sectors include nanocoatings for touch panels, household surfaces and indoor air quality, and medical devices and equipment. The need for coating manufacturers to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations while improving function is also spurring growth. This is a new study of nano technology in coating industry development trend.



Company Profile:
With more than 7,000 employees in over 80 locations around the world, Valspar Corporation is in a truly unique position to supply customers with the coating solutions they need.
Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota of USA, we're the sixth largest paint and coatings company in the world. Our broad portfolio includes decorative and protective coatings for wood, metal and plastic in the industrial markets, interior and exterior decorative paints and aerosols for architectural use, coatings and links for rigid packaging containers, automotive and fleet refinish products, floor coatings, and specialty polymers, composites and colorants. This array makes us one of the most complete suppliers anywhere.

Our product offering is diverse, ranging from coatings for the home to automotive refinish and specialty coatings. We supply furniture coatings, interior and exterior paints and stains, mirror coatings, food and beverage can coatings, coil and extrusion coatings, high performance industrial floor coatings, resins, colorants for industry, and more.

Since 1806, Valspar has been dedicated to bringing customers the latest innovations, the finest quality, and the best customer service in the industry. Our stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol VAL.
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
PO Box: 55415
Phone: 612-332-7371
Fax: 612-375-7723

The main information 2012:
Coatings Sales: $ 3.57 billion
Number of employees: 7,800
Coatings Sales: 0.75 billion liters
Geographic Sales: Europe 14%,North America 73%,Asia Pacific 13%

Board Members:
William L. Mansfield:Chairman and Chairman of Executive Committee
Gary E. Hendrickson:Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Director     
Jeffrey H. Curler:Chairman Emeritus and Chairman of Executive & Finance Committee     
John S. Bode:Independent Director and Chairman of Audit Committee
Gregory R. Palen:Non-Executive Chairman, Member of Audit Committee and Member of Technology Committee .

Focus on the development:
- Continue to maintain the status of the North American and European markets
- Expand market share in Asia Pacific

Market Positioning:
Europe: decorative coating
North America: decorative coatings, architectural coatings
Asia-Pacific and Latin America and other emerging markets: decorative coatings, architectural coatings

February 29, 2012 The Valspar Corporation, a leader in the paint and coatings industry,that Valspar Spray Paint has been named the 2012 Product of the Year* in the paint category. Valspar recently introduced a breakthrough new spray paint formula and spray can design that helps people connect to the transformative power in color more easily than ever.

Valspar Spray Paint is uniquely designed to make the spray painting experience easier, faster and cleaner than ever before.The Valspar Spray Paint formula provides consistent, quick-drying coverage, and dries smoother for a more polished, professional looking project with the perfect finish.

June 20, 2012 Valspar Paint® announces the debut of their ConnectLIVE app, an innovative tool that offers live paint color consultations with a professional color consultant, directly from the comfort of your home. For a limited time, ConnectLIVE is available free to the public for download from the App Store for iPad®2 and iPad®3 users, and will be available soon for iPhone®4S. The app enables users to schedule and conduct a customized 30-minute color consultation with a color consultant, valued at approximately $75. An innovative tool in the paint industry, ConnectLIVE uses leading video technology to create a virtual one-on-one appointment between Do-It-Yourself painters and a Valspar color consultant, who creates a customized color scheme tailored to each participant’s space and personal style.Valspar is committed to innovation and making it easy for people to incorporate the right colors into their home.

Oct. 22, 2012-- The Valspar Corporation announced plans to expand its research and development campus and renovate its former headquarters building, located in downtown Minneapolis. This world-class environment for developing industry-leading coatings technologies and applications further demonstrates the company’s commitment to growth and innovation. The project will also create up to 135 full-time jobs over the next two years, including high-paying roles in the material sciences. Valspar is investing $30 million in the project, which will add 87,000 square feet of laboratory, meeting and office space. The project is expected to be completed in early 2014. “Expanding our Minneapolis R&D center is a prime example of Valspar’s global leadership in coatings innovation and technology,” chairman and chief executive officer of Valspar. We will devote more resources toward developing differentiated coatings technologies to address the changing needs of our customers. Our scientists and researchers will have access to a best-in-class facility to more quickly and efficiently bring these solutions to market.

Oct. 24, 2012 - Valspar,again is delivering on its promise to help people connect to the power in color by extending the Valspar Love Your Color Guarantee. To celebrate the extension of this unique color assurance program, Valspar has teamed up with actress and personality Stacy Keibler to announce The Valspar Foundations guaranteed commitment of more than $21 million in cash and paint donations beginning this year through 2014 to Habitat for Humanity.



Company Profile:
SACAL® company achieve the increment and development by perfect prodct system,competitive price,considerate technical service,quick delivery and excellent coating efforts.

Sacal® company realize the promise of environmental protction and energy conservation to the society according to the principle of "quality first,to be environmentally protective and to be energy conservative";realize the promise of quality assurance to the engineering agents;realize the promise to the terminal after—sale ervice.The demands of terminal markets are our guidelines.Establish mutual communication with agents and consumers to ensure the pertinence to market orientatinons and the effectiveness of markerting policies.

SACAL Founded in 1910, is a global company, with more than 73 countries of the 113 production and sales subsidiaries. Primarily for specialty chemicals, architectural coatings and industrial coatings. The specialty chemicals including adhesives and sealants, concrete repair and strengthen the use of additives. SACAL is a strong tradition of innovation with the company, continued pursuit of excellence in innovation levels. This means constantly developing innovative products and solutions.
London UK
Tel: +44 (0) 2030263350
Fax: +44 (0) 2030261529

The main information 2012:
Coatings Sales: $3.55 billion
Number of employees: 12,400
Coatings Sales: 0.74billion liters
Geographic Sales: Europe 52%, Americas 34%,Asia Pacific 14%

Board Members:
Walter Grew Bohle: Chairman of the Board
Bart Staege Ernst: CEO
Alexander Boleibole: Director of Engineering
Christopher Ganz: Director of Marketing.

Focus on the development:
- To keep the market in Europe and continued growth in the Americas
- Focus on Asia Pacific and Latin America to increase investment in emerging markets, and strive to total sales in this market more than 15% of the Group.

Market Positioning:
Europe: architectural coatings, specialty chemicals, industrial coatings
North America: architectural coatings, specialty chemicals
Emerging markets such as Asia Pacific and Latin America: architectural coatings, specialty chemicals.

SACAL continuous innovation, the goal is to help customers create added value, always keep one step ahead of competitive advantage. And actively advocated the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. In recent years, along with the consumer concept and the continuous improvement of living standards of architectural coatings consumption by availability to the practical Key strategy is to focus on core competencies ,reinforcing and protecting and emerging markets, in tandem with uncompromising brand management and innovation. It is recognized across the globe as synonymous with innovation, quality and service.SACAL assets around the world to decades of expansion.

The solutions that we have developed, so future-oriented, first-class quality construction is feasible, to optimize customer processes and reduce costs. With innovative products, we make possible what was previously impossible. Provide products and services, quality assurance, rapidly anywhere in the world are the critical success factors, which make SACAL to achieve above-average growth rates in a tough market, as well as implementation of targeted entry into new markets.


10.NIPPON Paint

Company Profile:
Nippon is the world's leading paint manufacturers established in 1881, more than 100 years of history, is the world's oldest paint companies. Founded in 1962, immediatelyresponsible for the management area in Southeast Asia, the world's Nippon Nippon Paint's all business activities, business development, to cover 12 countries in Asia, has established more than 20 manufacturing facilities and employs more than 6,000.
Osaka, Japan, North Oyodo Library
PO Box: 531-8511
Tel: +81-6-6458-1111
Fax: +81-6-6285-6344

The main information 2012:
Coatings Sales: $2.98 billion
Number of employees: 6400
Coatings Sales: 0.711 billion liters
Geographic Sales: Asia Pacific 79%,Europe 11%,Americas 10%

Board Members:
Kenji Sakai: President and Representative Director
Yoshio Andou: Senior Vice President
Ryoichi Baba: Senior Vice President
Kiyohiko Chijiiwa: Executive Vice President
Kanji Nishijima: Vice President .

Focus on the development:
- Keep decorative coatings in the Asia Pacific region's leading position and expand the region's automotive, marine and other industrial coatings.
- To expand in Europe and North America, automotive coatings and industrial coatings market share

Market Positioning:
Asia-Pacific market: decorative coatings, automotive coatings, industrial coatings, marine coatings
Europe: automotive coatings, industrial coatings
Americas: automotive coatings, industrial coatings

Nippon Paint is committed to creating the spirit of innovation, thus changing consumer awareness, offer new products, continuously throughout the world, to create a low-cost research new technology to provide customers with affordable paint, Nippon Paint is a firm commitment, the eternal pursuit of the perfect the reputation further expand the global market; as an important member of the coatings industry, the state legislature for the practice of corporate social responsibility, and more concerned about the interests of consumers and the interests of employees. The state legislature in 2011 "fell in love with the color" also won numerous awards, including the China International Public Relations Association awarded the "2011 Most public influence corporate social responsibility events Award as well as the Metropolitan Public Service Award, awarded by the" Beijing Times "2011 Innovation of the Year Public Interest Project Award "in 2012, the state legislature Taobao flagship store will ad hoc" fell in love with the color zone, the introduction of a flexible brushing unclaimed services.

Immediately Group President Huang Shou-Jin (WeeSiewKim), said: immediately Group's rapid development while maintaining the main business firm carries the firm belief of the corporate social responsibility, one of the state legislature as the Group's most important market in China, and more personally practice on the protection of the environment, beautify the living as well as for social harmony and positive contribution to the mission as the Chairman of the CSR Committee of the state legislature, I hope that through the direct support of the parent company, to provide the resources, and the implementation of corporate social responsibility of the state legislature as a driving force protection, and innovative spirit of research and development, strict standards of product quality control system, green Everlasting.

According to the 2012 global famous paint brand enterprise the company annual financial reports and sales report data analysis and become, participate in the edit this report world paints and coatings industry association (WPCIA) and coating research association (PRA) coalition industry senior researcher:

This report joint editor: Edward Moore (world paints and coatings industry association industry senior researcher)

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