World Paint & Coatings Industry Association

World Paint & Coatings Industry Association( WPCIA) Established in 1976. Representatives of paint & Coatings associations gather once a year, and examine issues such as environment, coatings care, etc.


WPCIA is a voluntary, nonprofit organization working to advance the needs of the paint and coatings industry and the professionals who work in it. An Executive Committee and Board of Directors set policy for and govern the association. Officers for the association include Chairperson of the Board and Vice Chairperson/Treasurer who are elected to serve two-year terms. WPCIA consists of approximately 50 professionals focused on serving association members in the following areas: health and safety, environmental affairs, government affairs, conferences and events, professional development, and communications.

WPCIA brings approximately 90% of this industry together in its membership. Together this represents a value of around íš100 billion.In total 10úČ000úČ000 people are directly employed in this industry.The people that apply the products of this industry are a multiple of this number.Many of today's paints and coatings may go unnoticed by the consumer, but play immeasurably valuable roles in delivering high-quality foodstuffs, durable goods, housing, furniture and thousands of other products to market. Total sales for the industry were approximately $93.09 billion in 2009.

By continuing its efforts as an ally and advocate for the industry, providing industry professionals with opportunities for professional development, and offering valuable resources to members and others in the industry, WPCIA is working to ensure the vitality and stability of the paint and coatings industry for years to come.WPCIA offers a global forum in which to discuss and coordinate global paint industry policy.